Kickerland 100 Soccertable

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The entry-level table football for the office and for PR purposes.

The Kickerland 100 is our entry-level model in semi-tournament Soccer table format. It is slightly smaller and lighter than its big brothers Kickerland 200[link], Kickeland 500 [link]and Kickerland 2000[link]. This makes it ideal for the office or for staff lounges as well as corridors and hallways where customers often pass by. As an advertising medium, it offers enough space for effective branding.  

A photo-realistic print is used. All four outer sides are printed, which is included in the price. For even more attention, printing on the inner band all around as well as on the playing surface is optionally available for an extra charge. As with all Promokick products, the supply of table football spare parts is also guaranteed for the long term. This Soccer table is solid and has 22 screwed football figures as well as safe and stable legs made of wood. Included are ten white soccer balls.

The Soccer table can be easily assembled by two people. It takes about one and a half hours. Easy-to-understand instructions are included. The body of the soccer table is pre-assembled. This simplifies the assembly considerably. So you can start playing right away. Thanks to the state-of-the-art slide bearing guides, the best playing characteristics are guaranteed. These make the soccer table robust, even under the highest stress. A Soccer table that not only contributes to team building, but also guarantees maximum advertising effectiveness.

Technical data:

  • Weight 48 kg
  • Playfield dim. 117 x 63 cm
  • Cabinet 135 x 66 cm
  • Carton 135 x 66 x 30 cm
  • Material wood MDF 16 mm
  • Playfield green, lifted corners
  • Legs 30 mm wood MDF
  • Solid bars 13 mm Ø
  • Players 22 pcs. screwed
  • Plain bearings
  • Illustrated assembly instructions G / E
  • Cabinet pre-assembled
  • Assembly approx. 1.5 h (2 people)
  • Digital print on cabinet outside inclusive
  • 10 white balls inclusive
  • Production time 2-3 weeks
Pricerange: < 500 Euro
Shipping weight: 50,00 kg
Item weight: 48,00 kg