Kickerland Goldstar

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Soccer table Kickerland Goldstar - for stars and starlets.

Our gold piece. With its 110 kg, it is stable and sturdy like the Kickerland Silverstar [link] and also goes one better: the playfield and players are protected by a robust glass top cover. On the one hand, this ensures an unadulterated playing experience, as manual intervention in the game is not possible and conceptually not even necessary.  On the other hand, it also protects the playfield and the players from environmental influences such as beer or cigarette ash.

Especially in the toughest use in pubs, this soccer table shows its qualities and shines with robustness and durability. It is easy to clean and maintain. The advertising message is also preserved well and for a long time. 

Another special feature is the closed ball circuit, which is made possible by the glass top cover. A technical innovation that conceptually raises table football to a completely new level. Lost balls are a thing of the past with this table football. Thanks to its comprehensive and extended functionality, the playing experience is once again much more professional and eventful. A soccer table that, in addition to fun and games, also quickly creates a tournament atmosphere.


In terms of playing surface, the Goldstar is on a par with the Kickerland Silverstar , Kickerland 2000, Kickerland 500 , Kickerland Event Master  and Kickerland 200 . The playing surface has raised corners. Stalemate situations in the corners are therefore no longer possible at all, which is particularly important for the closed ball circuit. The legs are made of 100 x 100 mm metal. The rods are 16 mm in diameter, solid and have ball bearings. This ensures direct, spontaneous as well as sensitive playing. The body itself is made of robust 30 mm plywood melamine. The foosball table has 22 screwed foosball figures. Soccer table accessories as well as spare parts such as table football figures can also be supplied on a long-term basis.  

With its particularly large surfaces, the Goldstar offers the whole range of branding possibilities. Whether it's an easy-to-read, catchy slogan, figurative or abstract image motif - or logo, the Goldstar puts every message in the best possible light. In addition to printing on the outside of the body, which is included in the price, the inside band and the playing field can also be printed. The player figures can also be printed using pad printing. This table football is also available with a coin slot and comes with 10 table football balls. As the cabinet is pre-assembled, the assembly time is approx. 1.5 hours. Illustrated assembly instructions are included.  

Technical Data:

  • Weight 110 kg
  • Playfield Dim. 120,5 x 70,5 cm
  • Cabinet: 150 x 76 cm
  • Carton: 160 x 80 x 50 cm
  • Material: Plywood 30 mm
  • Playfield green (lifted Corners)
  • Legs metal 100 x 100 mm
  • Solid bars, 16 mm Ø
  • Players 22 pcs. Screwed
  • Roller bearings
  • Manual Instruction D / E
  • Cabinet pre-assembled
  • Installation time approx. 1,5 h
  • Inclusive Digital Print Cabinet outside
  • Inclusive 10 Balls, white
  • With glass top cover
  • Closed ball circulation
  • Available with coin operation
  • Production time 2-3 weeks


Shipping weight: 105,00 kg
Item weight: 100,00 kg