Kickerland XXL 8-Players

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The Event Soccer Table Kickerland XXL for 8-Players

Designed for 8-man operation, this soccer table is a real team player. With its extravagant dimensions, it also offers a superlative advertising presence with maximum attention. In addition to the advertising effect, which is increased many times over, the fun of playing with 8 players is also likely to increase considerably. Especially at trade fairs, it is a crowd puller and brings life and enthusiasm to the stand. It creates the ideal conditions for a relaxed atmosphere and for getting into conversation. 

The idea of building a maxi soccer table that goes beyond all dimensions probably stems from the insight into the fundamental advertising and attention-grabbing effect of table football in general. Table football is consistently associated with positive characteristics. They stand for youth, play, fun, teambuilding and sportsmanship. Sooner or later, the question naturally arises of how to increase this advertising impact. The idea of a maxi soccer table is born.  

Giant Soccer tables have been on the market for a long time. However, up to now, one or two weaknesses in the design and stability of the concept have been apparent, which stems from the fact that the idea was never seriously tackled. That's why we designed and developed this XXL-Soccer Table.

The biggest problem was the "sagging" of the 2.6-metre-long body, which we solved with special reinforcements on the underside of the body. This means that this table can withstand even the toughest continuous use at events and trade fairs. In addition, the XXL table is also available with telescopic rods for an extra charge. This eliminates the risk of impact for children. This improves the overall safety of the table football considerably.   

With its dimensions, it also offers optimal conditions for effective branding. The length of the table football alone creates completely new possibilities for motifs and printing. For an additional charge, the inner band and the playfield can also be printed on this soccer table.

The scope of delivery includes 10 tournament balls, simple assembly instructions and the rules of the game.

Technical data

  • Weight 180 kg
  • Playfield Dim. 235 x 70,5 cm
  • Cabinet 260 x 76 cm
  • Carton 270 x 80 x 35 cm
  • Material MDF 25 mm
  • Playfield green (lifted corners)
  • Legs wood MDF 40 mm Melamin
  • Solid bars, 16 mm Ø
  • Players 46 pcs. screwed / Choice of colors
  • Roller bearings
  • Illustrated assembly instructions G / E
  • Cabinet pre-assembled
  • Assembly approx. 2.5 h (2 people)
  • Digital print on cabinet outside inclusive
  • 10 white balls inclusive
Pricerange: > 1000 Euro
Shipping weight: 150,00 kg
Item weight: 140,00 kg