Tinti modelling soap 2 cubes

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Wash your hands clean as a whistle now becomes even more fun!

Brightly colorful and beautifully soft for kneading and modelling, so the angular soap pieces inspire even small washing muffle.

A playful washing experience invites children to be creative. and figures according to your imagination.

With new fruity scents: melon and apple

2 colours in one package: yellow + green

- Specially designed for children

- With natural and food colours

- Very well tolerated by the skin

- Regular dermatological

- Controls by recognised independent institutes

- Does not dye skin or tub

2 cubes 20 g each

Size of packaging: 55 x 28 x 120mm

personalization by stickers ( stickers ) possible

Size: approx. 50 x 20 mm

Flat rate order / data handling one-time / order € 45,00

Stock items - available at short notice

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